Why Murnane

Why Murnane


Why Choose Murnane?

Expertise that draws on over 50 years of experience. Comprehensive resources to give you greater flexibility. The commitment to put the best people on your job. Straight-forward answers with on-going updates. Guaranteed estimates and completion dates you can bank on. The capacity and passion to build distinctive landmarks that meet your needs while adding to the landscape of your community.

Consider the many advantages you gain with Murnane Building Contractors.

As a fully diversified and third-generation company, Murnane brings to the table the know-how of an actual builder. We combine experience with innovation. And common sense with strategic sense. What others claim are unforeseen problems, we anticipate beforehand to keep things running efficiently and effectively. So no matter the size or the complexity of your project, we’re ready to handle it.

Of course, you don’t have to just take our word for it. Across New York State are the award-winning projects along with the valued clients who turn to us again and again — giving testimony that Murnane is the right choice to raise your vision to the highest level.


The People and the Commitment that Provide You with Exceptional Results

You expect high standards and, rest assured, so do we. Murnane employs over 500 individuals — civil, mechanical and technology engineers, masons, carpenters and other craftspeople who are committed to uphold our tradition of excellence. This greatly underscores our ability to self-perform much of a project ourselves, including concrete construction, masonry, steel erection, carpentry and interior finishes.

You’ll find our field supervisors are unrivaled in their expertise. Especially when it comes to ensuring your job goes ahead smoothly. Or that everything is built to your exacting specifications. In fact, a total quality program gets incorporated into all Murnane projects. And our years of experience enable us to bring in the best subcontractors and synchronize their work to build the lasting impression of quality you expect and deserve.


The Capacity to Create Customized Solutions for You

From start to finish, Murnane offers you more flexibility. Customized solutions are the norm, not the exception. Our years of experience and innovative use of advanced technologies and equipment work to your fullest benefit. We suggest alternatives to save you money without sacrificing quality. For more demanding schedules, projects can begin prior to final design approval. We can operate on a fast-track basis. And changes can often be made during projects with little or no impact on the completion date.

On Time

The Assurance Your Project Will be Built on Time without Interrupting Your Work

We keep one schedule in mind — yours! If your project needs to be done by a particular time, it will be. When additions and renovations are involved, Murnane develops solutions that enable you to continue your operations. And it’s our fullest priority to ensure your building complies with all regulations and is safe. Our field people receive comprehensive and up-to-date safety training.


The Resources and the Knowledge to Address Your Local Needs

Strategically located, with offices in Plattsburgh, Syracuse, Clifton Park and Whitesboro, Murnane is ready to address your building needs from ground-breaking to ribbon cutting. Close at hand, we can address the ins and outs of the local scene. Still, as one of the largest builders in the region, we draw upon comprehensive resources and capabilities to deliver even the most intricate and expansive projects.


The Communication that Ensures Your Project’s Success

Trust and communication lay the foundation to the best-built projects. Trust that starts by listening intently to your concerns — continues by building a strong partnership with you — gets accentuated by delivering your work on-time — and is cemented by exceeding your expectations. At Murnane, we’re on the scene and here for you. Including our top management. Daily face-to-face communication is provided with your on-site supervisor. And at a press of a button, our computerized tracking equips you with timely information and updates.